Forgive & Forget

Why forgive is for give and forget is for get?

‘One word frees us of all weight and pain of life : that word is Love’ |Sophocles|

Dealing with difficult situation is so stressful yet it may sometimes sucks our whole life, mind and soul into that i-hate-this-and-that condition. Suddenly, everything becomes enemy to us and we become enemy to everyone. People around us at all times make mistakes thus need some punishments, and we are the only one who always right.  We don’t really want to feel like this, but it is just unavoidable. We need some air to breathe and go out of this dark room.

Forgive and forget are the golden keys.

Forgiving is giving a gift to people around us. We look at everyone’s fault using a new lens. Instead of others’ action will make them – and us too – feel guilty, we are giving the chance for them to forget what they have already done. Hatred has being changed to happiness.

Forgetting is getting a gift for our own selves. We are actually creating a new space in our heart and soul from being overwhelmed due to others action. We open the door for those hatred emotion to fly away from our heart and mind. Finally, we get what we want – tranquility and serenity.

Life is for give, and for get.

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