Premis Hiburan

Agak lama saya pendam pandangan ini, kini ada kenyataan yang bersamaan. Saya setuju.

Kita tidak perlu hilang percaya pada masharakat muslim, dan tidak perlu berasa lebih muslim. Tugas kita untuk terus bina dan bina.

Malah, kita perlu sentiasa menundukkan fiqh dakwah agar mengikuti fiqh shariah, dan bukan sebaliknya.

2 thoughts on “Premis Hiburan

  1. “bina dan bina” – bina apa ye??

    “sentiasa menundukkan fiqh dakwah agar mengikuti fiqh shariah” – leh minx terangkan x?


  2. i very much prefer that there’s no such law actually to begin with. people need freedom to go to whatever place they want. such a law to respect some kind of “abstract matter” such as public decency or some holy months is to me unneeded. laws to protect “psychical” matters ( lives,corruption, crime prevention) is already hard to enforce, given the current resources.

    let the people choose. most people choose the right thing. even if most choose the wrong thing, it is out of their conscience, their choices. if at all times people are not given choices, they will still do it.

    Kedah did create or resurrect strange laws under its current administration, to be fair. using ISA on its students , create laws that make a LOT of housing areas need to have 50% Bumiputra quota, thus making the houses unsaleable, or this under-BN-administration approved laws of banning Muslims from night entertainment.

    i prefer the Muslim activists competing squarely with the secular activists, rather than begging from some handicap from the government with laws and regulations. the Christian evangelists are doing fine in Africa, in fact is the most growing religion in the continent, why shouldn’t the Muslims?

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