The Platform is a youth led blog that seeks to facilitate a neutral ground upon which to have a renewed thinking for the future; how we want to be and how we can achieve it. It brings together a diverse milieu of talented young and mature writers to voice views on current events and topical issues. It is an open platform for debate and discussion; a space to constructively engage in an environment of mutual understanding and respect.

Furthermore, The Platform is a blog with a difference. Not merely a forum for commentary, it is a blog with a visionary objective and direction; one that seeks to assess the present and shape the future by espousing progression. And who better to lead on that, than the youth, the leaders of the future.

Saya sedang belajar menulis, terutama dalam Bahasa Inggeris.
Peluang dari Tuhan ini saya ambil sebagai cabaran. Terima kasih kawan, Ahmed.

Beyond Rhetoric

Oh ye, launching The Platform di London 7 Jun 2011 ini inshaAllah.

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