Toss the coin.


In the beginning, there was a question.

‘Will you burn yourself for the people?’ a poor man asked.

I don’t understand, I said. This was a suicide.

‘It’s for the people. There will be no more poverty, no more oppression, no more hatred. Only love. I know you’re the right person for this Revolution. Don’t you want a world full with love?’ he said.

Picture a man with an NY cap on his head, wearing a green Super-Dry sweater and a black jeans. He was not a religious person by first impression. Surely he was not. But, he asked me to sacrifice my life, just like a story I read about a devout Muslim in the USA newspaper yesterday.

‘To be with God is to be with people. Remember my son, there is no peace without struggle’, he added.

Why me? I know, nowadays people love to hate, and it’s not right. I know, everyone want peace. And, I want Love. Do I need to give everything for Love?

‘Why do you choose the hard road?’ my little brother ask me.

Why in the first place you think I have another road?


In the beginning, there was also an equation.

‘God revolutionize not the condition of a society until they revolutionize their selves’


Shhh, this is a Revolution. Don’ tell the person standing behind you. Ermm, will you burn yourself?

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